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October-November update!

Monday, December 17th, 2012


I am still here:) So much to tell you!

The last time you heard from me was when I had sent off my Babushka Mo fabric for a test print. Well, that came back ages ago and in the time I’ve been away…I’ve been cutting and sewing little Babushka Mo dolls for Christmas markets and my online shop!


Niina helped me with the project, we had a long sewing session at her place. Panko the cat kept us company too, making it a pleasant crafternoon with the gentle whirring of her sewing machine.


I debuted my dolls at Made On The Left and at my pop-up shop. I remembered feeling so happy and touched when I made my first doll sale to a very sweet girl! I think it was a build up of emotions from all the time and work I had spent on this project. And to finally see my work going off to happy homes….well there’s nothing more a designer could ask for:)




If you’re interested in purchasing my Babushka Mo dolls, they are available in my online shop. These dolls are limited edition items and are only available for sale until they are sold out. They are hand drawn by me and printed onto organic fabric. Very cute and charming if you’d like to collect my art as a fabric piece. Enjoy!

Peppermint Magazine September feature

Sunday, September 16th, 2012


Yaay! Spring is here and I am really looking forward to the blooms and sunshine.

The September Spring issue of Peppermint Magazine is out. And it features my rabbit hugger bookplates in the kids section!


Thank you Peppermint Magazine for featuring my art!

Begining of a new series…

Tuesday, September 11th, 2012


I am working on a new series called Babushka Mo. This project is inspired by a few of my favourite things: Matryoshka nesting dolls, sweet vintage dress patterns and grandmothers in adorable headscarves (also known as Babushka in Russian).

I’ve always wanted to create a collection of Little Mo dolls so I’m hoping to turn my Babushka Mos into little softies and other cute things. Here are some pictures of my works in progress.


The first lines of my Babushka Mo. As you know, I do all of my line drawings on my sketchbooks and scan the artwork in.

I’m not sure if there are artists out there who are particular about having clean lines in their artwork? I’m one of those people and it drives me batty sometimes. It’s also a bit ironic because I love the look of hand drawn lines, a rough and organic look that can’t be replicate by vector drawings. But the perfectionist in me wants to make sure that my artwork is not overly sketchy and dirty which is why I spend a bit of time on the computer cleaning up the edges and rubber marks.


Now the more enjoyable process begins! This is where I add in colours, shades and all the extra details. For this Babushka Mo, I’ve given her a classic polka dot patterned headscarf.


For my second Babushka Mo doll, I decided to give her a pet duck! This doll has a tangerine coloured dress with daisy patterns on them.


And because of the lovely spring weather we’ve been having lately, I was inspired to draw a garden themed Babushka Mo. I think she is most happy being outdoors watering her plants.


A bit of cut and test action happening on the dolls…



I think it’s looking good so far. I’m sending the dolls for a fabric test print this week, wish me luck! Stay tuned for more works in progress pictures:)

We’re Open: Montage Pop Up Shop

Thursday, August 23rd, 2012

Have you visited our latest pop-up shop in the city?


My friends and I opened up our 5th Montage Collective shop in Northbridge earlier this month.

We’ve teamed up with some new and talented local designers to bring a bigger and diverse range of products to our shop! We open for 7 days till 2nd September, so hurry in for some handmade shopping before we close our doors.

If you have trouble deciding what to buy, let me help you with your shopping list…hehe:


Crochet toys for all ages! I just want to take everything home with me! These cuties are lovingly knitted by Anna Hadwin


Very funky coasters and home decor by Jimmy Lee House. A great conversation starter at parties!


Natural handmade soaps by Empire of Delight. Gentle on skin and free of preservatives.


Kitty zines for the cat lovers by Eeva Margita


Or if you’re a bunny and fox lover, these felt brooches would look lovely pinned onto your cardigan:)


I adore these beautiful letterpress stationery by Fluid Ink. I think I know where my money will be spent before this shop closes! Eeek!


And isn’t her stationery stall just divine? I’d love to take a peek in her studio and see her letterpress machine in action!


Adorable animal memo pads and bookmarks by Tall Rabbit


And aren’t these animal picture holders, just the cutest thing ever?


My stationery and art corner at Montage


Lots of animal bookplates to choose from! Perfect for book lovers:)


And a few of my hand drawn glass necklaces and brooches at the shop


So have I whet your appetite? I hope to see you at our pop-up shop sometime soon! Be quick!

Montage pop-up shop
Open 7 days till Sunday 2nd September
224a William St, Northbridge

Made On The Left, Winter Market 2012

Tuesday, August 21st, 2012

Some pictures of my stall at the recent Made On The Left Winter Market.




It’s been awhile since I’ve done a proper market, I took a break from doing any major markets in 2011…just so I could work on some new art and maybe streamline my range.

Before the market, I was feeling a little out of touch with things…and just a lack of confidence with myself and my art. It didn’t help that I left some art prints and about half of my stock at home! I wanted to kick myself after selling out on products within the first hour! Arrgh! So a word of advise: do not be lazy, do not underestimate your talent. Make and bring more stock than you need. You just never know!

Still, I had a really good time at the market. It was nice meeting old and new stall vendors again. It was also lovely interacting with my customers and observing which products were popular on that day. When you sell online, you don’t really get to observe customer shopping patterns or hear their feedback and comments, these were the things that I missed while being away from markets.

I think more importantly, being in a market environment, filled with so much creative energy and talent, gave me back some confidence and encouragement about my art making. I only hope that my art inspired others to feel the same.


For pictures of the whole market and other stall photos, check out Eeva Margita’s blog post and the Made On The Left Facebook album. Some awesome shots there (and much nicer than my old camera!)

A pocket full of art

Saturday, August 4th, 2012


Hello! I have a few new and “small” things to share with you!

My 2013 Little Mo calendars are now available to purchase in my online shop. It features 12 original illustrations of Little Mo and her horoscope star signs. The pocket calendars are printed on thick recycled card stock which makes it really sturdy and there’s a total of 14 colour pages, including front and back cover.


It’s pocket size, and very compact and cute!


And after 3 years in business and only relying on word of mouth from you lovely people, I finally have proper Little Mo business cards!

I don’t even know why it took me so long to get them made! I think when you design business cards, magazines and other business collateral for clients (as part of your day job), the last thing you want to do is design your own business cards. It’s just never good enough! That’s how I feel anyway.

So I got these cards printed at Moo because I liked the idea of having 100 different artworks on each card, and surprisingly it was an easy and quick process. I also love that they are mini in size. If you know me well, I adore anything labeled “little, small, mini or pocket size”. Personally I think anything labeled with that description means twice the charm, fun and cuteness!


So yes, I’ve got proper business cards now…and I feel so professional..hehe

2013 Little Mo Calendars!

Monday, July 23rd, 2012

Look what I just picked up from the printers!



Eeek! I’m so excited and happy! Looks like I’ll be spending the rest of the day packaging up my calendars:)


Saturday, July 21st, 2012

Heya! We’re back from holidays and I have so much to tell (with pictures and all). While on my travels, I missed drawing so much. It’s hard to sketch while mountain climbing and snorkeling…so I’m just glad to be back and making art again!


First up on the agenda in Little Mo HQ, is preparing for market season and getting my 2013 calendars ready. Here’s a sneak peek of some of the pages I worked on, before sending them off to the printers. I’ll be making a monthly horoscope calendar featuring 12 illustrations of Little Mo and her star signs.

Keep a lookout for my calendars in my online shop! A birdy tells me that I may have them in the shop by next week:)


And if you’re in Perth with nothing to do on a Sunday wintry morning, come down on 29th July (Sunday) to Made On The Left Winter Market. It’s one of my favourite handmade markets in Perth, not just because I’m in it…but seriously it has lots of cool products handmade locally in WA! Pop by my stall and say hi! And pick up a Little Mo calendar too:)

Made On The Left Winter Market
Sunday 29th July
10am – 4pm
State Theatre Centre (cnr William St & Roe St, Northbridge)

Quiet but creative week

Monday, May 14th, 2012

I’ve been having little burst of creativity lately which is always a welcomed thing here.


Earlier in the week I had a little stall in the market, selling some of my art for Mothers Day. If you sell often at markets, you’ll know that they can be a hit and miss. This one in particular was so quiet and the rainy weather didn’t help much either.

But on the positive side of things, I found a lovely vendor who sells beautiful handmade journals. I bought a pocket sketchbook from her and I can’t wait to sketch in it.



Then I came home and worked on the Moleskine exchange project. This is Rowland’s moleskine from Italy with a bit of gnome magic added on his pages.



I hope you like it!

Scorpio Mo

Monday, April 30th, 2012

And…here is my final Horoscope Mo! I’ve finally completed 12 zodiacs after working on this project for a year (on and off). I’m so happy and excited! Thanks to all my readers for your comments and encouragement!

Besides making them as art prints, I’ll be making a 2013 calendar, featuring all the Little Mos in their star signs. Keep a look out for it, I’m positive it will make a beautiful gift for someone you love!

Now…I just have to think of my next project to embark on, ideas anyone?


A bit about Scorpio Mo:
She has a mysterious and magnetic personality, yet she keeps her deepest thoughts guarded. Her temperament can be intense at times but beneath her harden exterior, she is a gentle and intuitive child.

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