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Doodle and Illustration workshop with Helena Tay

 photo doodle_illustration_workshop_helena_tay_zpsqhtzttxg.jpg

During the weekend, I ran a Doodle and Illustration workshop at Contemporary Art Spaces Mandurah. Thanks to CASM and City of Mandurah for inviting me to contribute to their annual Youth Art Exhibition program.

 photo doodle_workshop_helena_tay_zpsf8ae8rhg.jpg

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I had so much fun with the kids! During the workshop I showed them my sketchbook collection, we discussed doodling and developing a style. We also worked on some drawing activities. Just simple exercises to get their creative juices flowing because we all know how drawing on a blank sketchbook can be intimidating at times!

I think the kids brought such vibrant energy and humour to the class, I even learned some teen jokes and lingo from them! I found it really refreshing to listen to their funny ideas and see them ink it on paper. Their fun attitude made me feel at ease because I approach my art with humour and fun too!

 photo doodle_workshop_5_zpszn5wn3r8.jpg

 photo doodle_workshop_9_zpsedkwzo64.jpg

In one of the doodle exercises, I got the class to draw a self-portrait of themselves…as an animal! I think this animal selfie rocks! They look so much alike!

 photo doodle_workshop_4_zps8fylbxdh.jpg

This gorgeous girl drew herself as a wolfacorn!

 photo doodle_workshop_wolfacorn_zpsuebgxcnv.jpg

We also did a few shading techniques to give them some ideas on how they can use it on their illustrations.

 photo doodle_workshop_shading_zpszexesdnq.jpg

 photo doodle_workshop_7_zpslh9rjs8k.jpg

Towards the end of the workshop, the kids collaborated and doodled on some skateboard decks. We shared the decks around so that everyone could connect their drawings to other drawings on the decks.

 photo doodle_workshop_skateboard_zpsyindnava.jpg

 photo doodle_workshop_skateboard_2_zpsklie0hoq.jpg

 photo doodle_workshop_6_zpstowxbwki.jpg

Their skateboard decks will be added to the 2K15 Masterpieces currently on exhibit at Contemporary Art Spaces Mandurah. Thank you kids for being such champs! Remember to keep doodling in your sketchbooks!

 photo doodle_workshop_helena_tay_4_zpsiqvs4q0o.jpg

For more photos of my Perth workshops, check out my Little Mo and Friends Facebook page. If you’re interested in having a Doodle and Illustration workshop at your premise (local shop, library, book store, art gallery, parties) please get in touch with me. I’d love to work with you! Or if you’re interested in joining my next drawing workshop please email me: info(at) and I’ll add you on my list!

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