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DIY recycled gift boxes


Lots of people asks how I make my origami display tree. I make all my origami using my recycled wrapping paper. You can get them from my shop in a set or individually. Today I am going to show you how to make a cute gift box.


You will need to cut a square sheet of wrapping paper. The bone folder is optional (I use it to press down my paper/ creases firmly, you can use a ruler or your fingers).


Flip the paper over so that you start with the white backing. Fold paper twice so that you have these lines.


Using the 4 lines as a guide, take each corner and fold into the centre.


When all 4 corners touch, it will look like this.


Now take bottom edge of the paper and fold into the centre.


Do the same with the top edge. It will look like this..


When your top and bottom is folded. Fold your left and right sides in the same manner as above.


When you open up your paper, it should have all these creases. Don’t panic, this is good!


These creases will guide you into folding a box (that’s why it’s important to press firmly when you are folding the paper because it helps!)


Keep folding.


Getting there!


Yaay you have a box! You can fill it with candies, loose change, buttons etc. To make a lid, just repeat all the instructions above BUT use a slightly bigger square piece of paper, at least 0.5cm larger. This is to enable the lid to slip on and off easily.


For pretty packaing, I used a strip of coloured paper and some silver strings. I think lace, rik raks and vintage paper would be lovely too.

With this tutorial, you can make ANY size boxes, it all depends on how big your square pieces of paper are! Large squares make large boxes, and small squares make small boxes! Have fun!

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8 Responses to “DIY recycled gift boxes”

  1. Jess Says:

    Oh Helena – these are so adorable!! I went through a phase when I was about 8 of being obsessed with origami. I had this really cool book – don’t know where it is now though… I can still make cranes :D

  2. Ange Says:

    weeeeeEEEee these are so easy! thanks Helena!

  3. benconservato Says:

    Easy! am freaked out!
    I am sure it is easy once you actually do it, Your instructions are clear which is good… umm little Mo paper… I was making envelopes from book paper last night, not as exciting.

  4. Vickie (jewelflyt) Says:

    cool tutorial Helena, I’ll have to try some :)

  5. michelle@bluemoss Says:

    thanks so much for sharing… these!!!

  6. Sam Says:

    Oh thank you so much!! I may well use that tutorial to make some!!

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