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Made On The Left

Made On The Left was super awesome!

Little Mo and Friends booth

I love seeing new faces and returning customers. Some customers are shy, so I always tell them to go ahead and pick up stuff and look around. Because I like doing that myself when I shop. My paper dolls and my mo bags were my best seller. I wasn’t expecting that as they my newest creations so I am grateful for such a positive response. Even granny bought a mo bag! So granny if you read this, you rock! You are going to look cooler than any grannies out there who carries a plain green woolworth’s bag. Hehe.

One memorable highlight for me were all the kids crowding around my table for a paper doll. It made me so excited. One girl was crying for a Spring Love doll because her poor parents were busy looking at other things. Needless to say, they bought two sets, one for her and one for her bigger sister. And they also went home with some Mo stickers. They even stuck them to their clothes (I think my heart fluttered a bit). I must remember to take pictures of kiddies holding their Mo dolls next time!

Some pictures of my stall.

Little Mo and Friends booth2

And some of my neighbours. Tea for bini sells contemporary canvas artwork, which looks great on any blank walls!
Tea for bini

My friend Annie from 17threads who runs the Catalyst workshops has an awesome display and she always does well at craft shows! So height really makes a difference!


I will post more pictures up in my next post and some goodies that I purchased too.

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12 Responses to “Made On The Left”

  1. Carley Says:

    Helena, your stall looks amazing! And how could anyone resist your gorgeous tote bags?? :)

  2. anastasia Says:

    everything looks so great!!!

  3. Pam - Get Silvered Says:

    Your stall looked great but you were busy :) when I passed by. It was great to meet you though when you visited Jane’s stall.

  4. benconservato Says:

    Well done ms. H!
    You certainly have it all worked out and set up perfectly.

  5. Christine (Bontons) Says:

    Oh, your stall looks so organized and cute too! You don’t want too much height, you need to get those little people in!

  6. littlemo Says:

    haha christine, i didn’t think of that! Yep, they could just about reach those dolls that are perched on the holders. I am going to brew a bit on display ideas for the ‘little ones’ for my next markets.

    Thanks guys for your sweet comments! You are all so awesome.

  7. michelle Says:

    Good to hear it went well! Your stall looks great! I do love that green tablecloth and the white house board thingy.

  8. Sarah Says:

    Nice post! Thanks for the mention, you are too sweet. In the last photo on my blog post about MOTL there is a lady who is standing smiling at your bags!! I didn’t notice when I took it but when I got home I spotted her ;)

  9. lyptis Says:

    Fuck, ure a real market veteran now, im impressed!(And slightly jealous, coz i know i wud be very shy and freak out about displays and things to bring!:O

    Ur stall looks very nice and it sounds great to be meeting such interesting, creative people.:)

  10. Sam Says:

    Your stall looks so great Helena! :) Thanks for the piccies!

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  12. Liz Says:

    Helena, congrats on your lovely stall and success!