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Condor Tower car park exhibition


A delayed post that I’ve been meaning to share with you guys. Some pictures from the Condor Tower car park Launch. You can see more pictures from their website and read about the adventures of ololo. These are some of my favourites.




We had a fun time walking all 5 levels of the car park and witnessing all the lovely wall art painted by a whole heap of talented Perth artists. We should have more public spaces adorned with great art. Just a thought.


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4 Responses to “Condor Tower car park exhibition”

  1. Dani Says:

    Wow! What an amazing place – looks a little spooky – or maybe that’s just the lighting?

  2. widdlydids Says:

    that is the most amazing artwork, it looks…..wordless. The little boy got that far need 2 leave comment…here was thinking we had lost great artist..twitter has opening my eyes…breathtaking..wordless..

  3. Penny Says:

    That’s so cool!!! (You should go one day and draw a tiny Little Mo.) Hooray for cool people organising awesome things!

  4. deanne Says:

    This looks absolutely amazing!!! I still don’t know why every concrete blah surface isn’t covered in awesome art. Imagine what a colorful landscape our cities would have with art on every underpass, alleyway and parking garage :)