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Love Hate illo

Here is my zine illustration for the Love/Hate zine, put together by the Aussie Illustration Team.

love is

I think Emma’s piece totally rocks.

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10 Responses to “Love Hate illo”

  1. carmel renehan Says:

    Very cute Helena :)

  2. Julie Says:

    I love it! Good to see a post from you Helena! :) xox

  3. Niina Says:

    I love this it looks great!! I such a shit I haven’t even started :P I have a couple ideas but now after looking at yours my ideas suck! I’m such a piece of poo!!!

  4. damian Says:

    Great stuff Helena!! :)

  5. benconservato Says:

    Too wonderful! Very sweet, I love the continuity between them, I didn’t think about that.
    Ahh, you’ll al get there. No one’s idea suck, they are just different.
    Thanks for your little link back to mine too!

  6. Sam Says:

    Oh Helena! Your work is lovely!!

  7. littlemo Says:

    hey thanks guys! (hello damian!!!)

    yeah i agree with emma i think everyone’s idea/illustration will look great no matter what cause it all in different styles! So don’t be too hard on yourself. I can’t wait to see what you guys come up with! Post your links when you’re done!

  8. lyptis Says:

    Very cute Hel!

    I wanna see the zine when its finished!

  9. SusannRomy Says:

    Very cute drawings, you are very talented! I like the combination of drawing and text! Very nice work!

  10. Penny Says:

    Ooh so great Helena! I really like them! I love how they relate, I also didn’t really think of that, but that’s fine!

    And Niina! Don’t say that!