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Love blossoms

While it’s autumn in Australia, it’s spring time elsewhere! And it’s also cherry blossom time in some countries like Japan and Korea.

cherry blossoms

Around this time last year we went backpacking in Korea, starting at Seoul and making our way down to Busan. We ate Korean pancake and drank potent rice wine under the cherry blossoms. It was one of those good feeling moments where you sit quietly and watch, as nature smiles back at you.

In seoul

I was so taken with the pretty flowers that when I returned home, I illustrated my own cherry blossom notebook and cherry blossom wrapping paper. For the romantics, I hope you will enjoy a little piece of my cherry blossom.

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6 Responses to “Love blossoms”

  1. Linz Says:

    Oh lovely Helena, I adore cherry blossoms, they are such a simple and delicate flower!
    I love to watch as masses of trees release the petals in the wind…like a majikkal snow. reminds me of a scene in the movie: Legend!

  2. Eden Says:

    Oooh they’re so beautiful! Thankyou for sharing your pics :D

  3. Chrisy Says:

    Yes they are magical and so good that you can associate them with your great holiday…and lovin that wrapping paper…

  4. lyptis Says:

    I want cherry blossoms too!:(

    I like spring! And i dont like the cold, but i like ur pictures!:)

  5. storybeader Says:

    love the cherry blossom paper!! What great gift wrapping!

  6. ilena Says:

    It’s strange to think you are entering your autumn as our spring has just begun. We’ll be sure to be thinking of you as the warm sun is finally shining.

    I tagged you over on my blog today!