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Picnic in my mailbox!

Golly picnic!

I found something sweet in my mailbox this morning. Remember my Golliwog post sometime back? Niina came across this Golliwog postcard and remembered how much I love Golliwogs. She bought me this cute postcard and sent it to me, what a darling! The animals are having a picnic! With marmalade! That’s got to be the cutest picture ever!

She also popped in one of her sweet postcards that she illustrated for the Bunbury Made On The Left Market. I remembered telling her how much I loved the artwork she did for MOTL, and that I would love a copy of the poster (I still want one!). I love this illustration, because it’s a little strange, surreal and whimsical!

Thanks so much Niina for making my day super sweet!

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3 Responses to “Picnic in my mailbox!”

  1. lyptis Says:

    The Golliwog! ts, ts, ts, ts, ts..
    Nevermind, its cute and i wont be telling anyone ure dealing with creepy postcards from the past with illegal images on them!;)
    Its like smuggling drugs in an envelope thru the postal system!

  2. Niina Says:

    (in reponse to the comment above me) what the? I didn’t realise Golliwogs were illegal. I know that they have racist connotations but hell I think they’re adorable :P I’m glad you liked it!!
    And I’ll give you the poster next time I see you :)

  3. Chrisy Says:

    ahhh they may not be pc but they are very appealing aren’t they…