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Quiet but creative week

I’ve been having little burst of creativity lately which is always a welcomed thing here.


Earlier in the week I had a little stall in the market, selling some of my art for Mothers Day. If you sell often at markets, you’ll know that they can be a hit and miss. This one in particular was so quiet and the rainy weather didn’t help much either.

But on the positive side of things, I found a lovely vendor who sells beautiful handmade journals. I bought a pocket sketchbook from her and I can’t wait to sketch in it.



Then I came home and worked on the Moleskine exchange project. This is Rowland’s moleskine from Italy with a bit of gnome magic added on his pages.



I hope you like it!

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One Response to “Quiet but creative week”

  1. Vickie (jewelflyt) Says:

    that sketchbook is gorgeous & I love the gnomes

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