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Scorpio Mo

And…here is my final Horoscope Mo! I’ve finally completed 12 zodiacs after working on this project for a year (on and off). I’m so happy and excited! Thanks to all my readers for your comments and encouragement!

Besides making them as art prints, I’ll be making a 2013 calendar, featuring all the Little Mos in their star signs. Keep a look out for it, I’m positive it will make a beautiful gift for someone you love!

Now…I just have to think of my next project to embark on, ideas anyone?


A bit about Scorpio Mo:
She has a mysterious and magnetic personality, yet she keeps her deepest thoughts guarded. Her temperament can be intense at times but beneath her harden exterior, she is a gentle and intuitive child.

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3 Responses to “Scorpio Mo”

  1. Vickie (jewelflyt) Says:

    she’s gorgeous & congrats on finishing your project :)

  2. Suzanne Says:

    You did a great job with Scorpio Mo. I was wondering how this one in particular would turn out, as I’m a scorpio… and we often get a bad wrap! But this is lovely. :)

  3. littlemo Says:

    Thanks so much girls! I’m really happy with how Scorpio Mo turned out, i thought it would be the hardest to do but strangely enough it was one of my easiest zodiac drawing! There was a bit of pressure to make her look good because my husband is a scorpio. He’s been waiting ages to see how I would draw a “cute” scorpion :P

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