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Wednesday wishlist

Wednesday, June 10th, 2009

Ok this is my first time doing the Wednesday wishlist! I know the girls have been doing it regularly so my bad for being a late starter! Usually if it had things my way, I would put bunnies but today I’m going to make my wishlist totally different. This one is called sshhh…(for the little one).


My sister in law is expecting and I am looking at baby items for the FIRST TIME. I’m also hinting to my mum who reads my blog to check out these wonderful sellers who make baby items. Mum, I think these will be super sweet for Lauren! Add these to your shopping list mum!

1. Blue bird rattle by leahkl

2. Pumpkin spiced booties by Bobishi

3. Turkey with stuffing by bugbitesplayfood

4. Ronald leoobee by onegirl

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