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DIY recycled paper bags

Wednesday, March 11th, 2009

eco bags

Before you throw out your paper waste, you could actually turn them into something useful! You can make recycled paper bags out of old magazines, newspaper and brown kraft paper.

Since I had a lot of brown paper, discarded from various packaging, I decided to cut them out into paper bags for my upcoming market. Something to put my stationery in when I hand them over to my customers. Like a little treat bag you know.

I made a variety of sizes from small to larger bags. I used sticky tape or glue to gum the edges. Then I took out my rubber stamps and made a sweet print on all of my paper bags. I chose a tree print, because I love nature and recycling and my paper goods are all environmentally friendly too.

You can also use ribbons or sew buttons on to your paper bags! And it doesn’t matter if your paper bags are creased or dirty. They are handmade and recycled after all and those effects make them even more charming!

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