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Begining of a new series…


I am working on a new series called Babushka Mo. This project is inspired by a few of my favourite things: Matryoshka nesting dolls, sweet vintage dress patterns and grandmothers in adorable headscarves (also known as Babushka in Russian).

I’ve always wanted to create a collection of Little Mo dolls so I’m hoping to turn my Babushka Mos into little softies and other cute things. Here are some pictures of my works in progress.


The first lines of my Babushka Mo. As you know, I do all of my line drawings on my sketchbooks and scan the artwork in.

I’m not sure if there are artists out there who are particular about having clean lines in their artwork? I’m one of those people and it drives me batty sometimes. It’s also a bit ironic because I love the look of hand drawn lines, a rough and organic look that can’t be replicate by vector drawings. But the perfectionist in me wants to make sure that my artwork is not overly sketchy and dirty which is why I spend a bit of time on the computer cleaning up the edges and rubber marks.


Now the more enjoyable process begins! This is where I add in colours, shades and all the extra details. For this Babushka Mo, I’ve given her a classic polka dot patterned headscarf.


For my second Babushka Mo doll, I decided to give her a pet duck! This doll has a tangerine coloured dress with daisy patterns on them.


And because of the lovely spring weather we’ve been having lately, I was inspired to draw a garden themed Babushka Mo. I think she is most happy being outdoors watering her plants.


A bit of cut and test action happening on the dolls…



I think it’s looking good so far. I’m sending the dolls for a fabric test print this week, wish me luck! Stay tuned for more works in progress pictures:)

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4 Responses to “Begining of a new series…”

  1. Allana Says:

    Oh my goodness helena…. want want want!!! I must admit I’m a bit extra partial to the gardening Babushka Mo as Spring sprang out today in NW Tassie (finally!)
    I love the look of sketchy work btw… but it’s almost apples and oranges compared to altered work so they both hold there own :) xx

  2. Annika Says:

    Oh, please, please can you make the kitty Babushka! Please!?

  3. Heiress Emma (aka NeverEver) Says:

    Helena, these are SO CUTE. I love babushka dolls too, and I also have a thing for those lovely Russian headscarves! I think you’re onto a winner here.

  4. littlemo Says:

    Yep I will make the kitty babushka! :D Thanks girls!!! xoxox