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We’re going on a mountain adventure…


Next week!

When researching on places to visit, we decided to take up the challenge of climbing Mount Kinabalu on the island of Borneo, in East Malaysia. We’ve always loved the outdoors and we’ve done some hiking and jungle trekking in the past but neither of us have actually climbed a mountain. Not one that is 13,455 ft high! Obviously we love the challenge and we’re convinced this climb will be a great experience.

In preparation for our hiking adventure, we’ve been doing lots of stair climbs and morning hikes. Every week we’ve been climbing up and down Jacob’s Ladder!



The view on the hill after our climb is always amazing. We get a free cardio workout with a breathtaking view of Perth city!



On other days we go on hikes around Kings Park. And this is why I love being outdoors. There’s so much to see, smell and enjoy. I’m so grateful that we have this mass of park space to explore and take in all of natures beauty!


So…we fly off next Thursday and begin our mountain trek on my birthday, 6th June. We’re hoping to reach the summit within two days. Although a little nervous, I’m also keen to celebrate my birthday on a mountain for the first time. Wish us luck! And stay tuned for a mountainous post about it:)

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4 Responses to “We’re going on a mountain adventure…”

  1. Allana Says:

    Oh yay!!!! How exciting for you both! I can’t wait to hear about it and see your photos on your return :0 xx

  2. littlemo Says:

    lol it does sound exciting…but I have a feeling that once we get there and start climbing it, we might not think it’s fun anymore! But fingers cross we make it!

  3. Annika Says:

    Wow, you’ve trained and everything! You will have an amazing time! I think I would be too scared to climb a mountain. I sprained my ankle when hiking DOWN Table Mountain in South Africa, and ever since I feel really unsure of my footing in steep terrain. :o(

  4. Vickie (jewelflyt) Says:

    sounds super exciting – hope you guys have an awesome time.

    btw, your birthday is on the same day as my Dad’s :)

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