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Spiced Christmas


Hey mum…the treats have arrived! Vielen dank!

To those who are wondering about the contents in the box, they are German Christmas cookies. Every year my mum spoils us with this stuff!


The brown flat shaped gingerbread is known as Lebkuchen. They are usually rectangular or round in shape, and coated in chocolate or white frosting. They have a sweet and nutty taste and smells like allspice

Lebkuchen is made with honey, flour, sugar, eggs, hazelnuts, walnuts, almonds, candied orange and lemon peel, marzipan, and spices (cinnamon, ginger, aniseed, cloves, pimento, coriander, cardamom).

My favourite biscuits out of the lot are the Spekulatius. They are thin and crispy with a buttery and allspice taste. The biscuits are formed by traditional hand carved cookie molds. Each biscuit has a beautiful imprint and intricate pattern. They are almost too precious to eat! What are your favourite Christmas treats?

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5 Responses to “Spiced Christmas”

  1. Jacquie Says:

    That is so funny! My in-laws send us a box from the same company every year too. Ours is slightly bigger though with a few more packets and a stollen although I can spot 2 different sorts in yours that aren’t in ours! My favourite are the dominosteine except this brand doesn’t have the marzipan in them. Still yum though!
    Guten Apetit!

  2. Vickie (jewelflyt) Says:

    yum, they look good.
    I love what we call white biscuits – they’re a sort of gingerbread type biscuit, with white icing. The ones we get are round.
    I wish someone would send me a box full of biscuits though :)

  3. littlemo Says:

    Hahaha Jacquie, I should have known you would get a box too!! I’ll ask my mum to send some dominostein next time, I think rich will love them most!

  4. Kylie Says:

    A box of deliciousness. What a lovely pressie for Christmas!

  5. Niina Says:

    Hnnng looks so delicious! So jealous of your ability to eat normal stuff! My relatives have sent Finnish chocolates and bread…it’s so sad looking at them :(