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Stay For Tea

Painted with Acrylic and pencil on Arches watercolour paper.



I painted this piece while drinking a tea blend called Marco Polo and listening to Collapse Under The Empire.

This painting is of course inspired by my love for tea drinking. The idea came about from a random sketching session with Niina during our last shop shift. She was the one who suggested I draw a chicken teapot..which sounded crazy at first, but the idea grew on me and I couldn’t stop thinking about it. So chicken + tea = cute chicken teapot!

Before I met my Welsh husband, I was hardly crazy about tea. Once we started dating, I realised how much tea he consumed. I also learned quickly that he MUST have his morning ritual of tea + milk + toast or I would suffer the wrath of a grumpy bear! In fact, his whole family drinks tea around the clock, which is probably a very British thing.


Over the years we have sampled and bought various tea. One of our favourite things to do is to brew a pot of tea after dinner and sit down and unwind. I usually take mine black, without any sugar or milk.


So to all the tea lovers out there including Niina, this piece is for you. Here’s to lots of happy tea drinking!

Stay For Tea is available to purchase in my shop. Pop it in a 5×7 frame and enjoy your original cuppa:)

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2 Responses to “Stay For Tea”

  1. Sarah Says:

    All of those tea tins are so pretty and cheery! I also love the photograph of the loose tea.

  2. vanessa Says:

    lovely picturs as usual- i have started getting into chinese tea- its lovely and i find myself having 5 cups a day- lol
    refreshing and they have so much choice- i thnk thats what i love the best about it.