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DIY paper heart tree

A few days before the Lunar New Year, it gets a bit chaotic at my parent’s house. My dad will be off to the shops to buy the best crispy suckling pig or roasted duck for our reunion dinner. We’ll do a huge spring clean because on Chinese New Year we’re not suppose to do any cleaning. The Chinese believe that cleaning on New Years day is like sweeping good luck out the front door.

Even though it’s all ridiculously superstitious, we’ve adhere to this tradition every year. We also decorate the house by putting mandarin oranges in a basket and planting fresh cherry blossoms in a vase.


Since moving back to Perth, Big Mo and I have kept with this tradition. This morning after our spring cleaning, I decided to do some crafty decoration. I made paper hearts out of red paper and tied them to our plant. I pretended it was our little money plant!

The gorgeous watermelon bowl is by Samantha Robinson. I love her work. The tea set is a wedding gift from my mum, which we used during our tea pouring ceremony. In it are ‘Ang Pows’ or red packets. It is customary that on Chinese New Year, married couples or the older generation hand out red packets filled with money to children, teenagers or unmarried adults.



It’s also quite normal to see a lot of red during the Lunar festival as red symbolises good fortune and joy!

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One Response to “DIY paper heart tree”

  1. Maren Says:

    My mom and I used to do this every Valentine’s season in the States! We had a special tin that was full of the hearts we made, and then we’d cut a branch from one of the fruit trees and hang the hearts on them. It’s cool to see this tradition world-wide. Love your blog, by the way, it’s great to see such talent from WA, you’re creativity is truly inspiring =)
    Geraldton, WA