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I found this fern plant at the sick bay in the local garden section and I had to bring it home. I’ve been looking for some fern plants to put in our house and this one caught my eye because of it’s funny shaped leaves. A few days of watering and misting did it good!


My husband jokes that every time I go out, I bring a plant home. I can’t help it! I like having plants around, they make me happy and I love having various shades of green in the house too. If I was to decorate our dream house, I would first knock a big hole on the roof for sunlight to flood in, paint all the walls white, buy light wood furniture, put white shutters on every window and put green foliage at every corner of the house. Everything will look fresh and bright. Like a greenhouse maybe?

Speaking of fresh foliage, here are some lovely things that have caught my eyes recently:


Early morning art print

Succulent planter

Mudpuppy moon chimes

Butterfly Necklace

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2 Responses to “Fern-tiful”

  1. Allana Says:

    he he – that is so cute that you adopted a little orphan and nursed him back to health! Yay for Helena! Your vision sounds gorgeous – I hope to see it happen for you one day :)
    Great finds too – I really like those moon chimes, I’ve spotted those before.
    hugs xx

  2. iam_artisan Says:

    I wish I also have a green thumb like you. Plants don’t like me very much… hehehe