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Receiving and sharing art

Over the years, I’ve made lots of friendship via blogging. Damian from Dorkboy Comics is one of my internet buddies and we still keep in touch when we can.

This week I received a super cool package from Damian. A comic illustration featuring Little Mo which he drew last year. My first ever Action Mo!

action mo

and a 2010 Dorkboy calendar, I love his quirky humour!

comic calendar

Damian has kindly given me two calendars and I would like to share his art with my blog readers!

If you would like this awesome calendar, just leave a comment on this post. Leave a nice message for Damian too! A lucky reader will be drawn and this unique art calendar will be posted over to you as a present! Cheers!

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23 Responses to “Receiving and sharing art”

  1. uglygirl Says:

    Wow! What a great birthday present. That sort of thing is priceless. Thanks for the introduction to the world of Dorkboy!

  2. april Says:

    that’s really sweet of damian… i checked his site and his illustrations are really cool… ooh how i wish i can draw… hehehe… now i have another inspiration, since im practicing cartooning…
    thanks for sharing…

  3. Natalia Says:

    What an amazing birthday present. I love Damian’s artwork, my boys do too…and I just finished reading my 11 year old’s book – the main character is a skeleton just like the guy rocking the double bass! It’s a sign, I tells ya! ;)

  4. Nyjole Says:

    Wow what an amazing birthday present. My son would love that too!

  5. Rebecca Says:

    These are sooo cool I can see one above my work desk making me giggle when things get to serious!!!

  6. bobishi Says:

    Oh that is an AWESOME gift birthday present! I would love to show your calendar to my school kiddies:) I can see it taking pride of place in my graphics room making them all inspired and whatnot:) And making me all smiley:) It;s awesome Damien!:)

  7. Kirsty Says:

    What a fantastic gift! I love the way we all meet each other online and become amazing friends without ever meeting each other face to face. :)

  8. benconservato Says:

    Fabulous gift, I am certainly laughing at his little dig at you as well. Very clever.

  9. Penny Says:

    Ooh I love the comic – I want to be friends with Damian too! I love the overalls he has you wearing :) Cute!

  10. Del Says:

    Yay for Dorkboy – pick me , pick me Helena…(waving hand around like an idiot).

  11. Sewsmith Says:

    Both my boys thought you were soooo lucky getting a present like that for your birthday, and are now fans of Dorkboy too! A calendar from him would make their day :o)

  12. Samone Reed Says:

    Thanks for introducing us to Dorkboy Helena! cool calendar – off to check out his stuff now!

    ~ Samone, Red Letter Studio

  13. Cloud Says:

    I dig Dorkboy – Skully is cool :)

    Damien should not underestimate the power of cute duckies & flowers though…

  14. Carley Says:

    Surely one can never have enough calendars. Dirkboy could live next to my Little Mo!

  15. michelle Says:

    Yes! Hello! Most excellent drawings, clever boy. Am I too late?

  16. Jess Says:

    Wow, so cool!!! What an awesome talent you have, Damian :)
    And we all love Little Mo, of course :D

  17. Chrisy Says:

    Please count me into this draw….Me think Damien should do more comics starring a Little Mo! Move over Wonder Woman!

  18. damian Says:

    hey thanks everyone for the kind words!!

    Good luck everyone :D

  19. Julie Blanchette Says:

    me, me, me, Helena!!! What a wonderful pressie you got for Mr Damian! So wonderful of you to share…

    Throw my name in the hat please!

    Much love…

    Julie xxx

  20. Julie Blanchette Says:

    Damian, you are one talented soul!

    Julie x

  21. dorkboy comics – by damian willcox » Archive » twas the 7 bad comics before Christmas -7 Says:

    [...] In other news, Little Mo (talented Helena Tay) received her calendar! [...]

  22. Says:

    A ka-pow’ing Helena!!!!! *love*

  23. Celeste Says:

    Love the calendar it looks real cool!